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Fic: Bubble Gum Lipstick (Luna/Hermione)

Title: Bubble Gum Lipstick
Author: ???
Prompt: Prompt: Hermione knows that she loves Ron, and she doesn't regret marrying him, but every time she talks to Luna she ends up wanting to kiss her... or more // Pairing: Luna/Hermione
Pairing(s): Luna/Hermione, Hermione/Ron
Word Count: 1974 Words
Rating: PG
Warnings/Content: Adultery
Summary: Being alone with Luna is just more than Hermione can take.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters and situations are the property of JK Rowling.

Hermione groaned as she sank into the couch. The first day of school was a hectic time for any parent sending their child, or children, to Hogwarts but it always seemed to be worse for her. She knew that she was being silly, that every parent had their last minute rush to find socks, make breakfast and make sure their children weren’t forgetting any wands but it was just so much work. “Stressful time, hmm?” Ron asked, sitting down next to her. She turned gratefully as she felt his hands on her shoulders. He laughed and started massaging. “You act like we didn’t grow up on stress.”

“I would rather try to find 20 more Horcruxes than try to get the kids ready every time they go back from break. They weren’t even here for three months. How do they manage to spread all their things around the house?” she asked, moaning when he hit a particularly tender part of her shoulder and he focused on that spot. “I just don’t understand.”

“Well not everybody color codes their socks, Hermione,” Ron said, laughing as she halfheartedly tried to hit him, too lazy to really put any force in it. They sat in comfort for a while, enjoying the silence that would become unbearable after a few months. They missed and loved their children but it was nice to be away from them for a while. It always made it extra nice when they came home for their breaks.

After a while, once Ron’s hands were tired from massaging and Hermione’s shoulders felt a lot better, she stood up and yawned. “I’m supposed to meet Luna and Ginny at Diagon Alley in a little while. We’re doing some shopping and then going out to lunch.”

Ron nodded, standing up as well and shaking out his nearly numb arm. “Have fun then. Will you be back to make dinner?”

“Of course. Like I would trust you not to burn down the house,” Hermione said with a smirk. Ron rolled his eyes, kissing the corner of her lips and telling her to be safe before heading upstairs. Probably to take a nap, Hermione thought jealously. She half considered telling the girls that they could meet another day but she knew that she needed to do some shopping. The kids had all gotten sick over the summer, multiple times and so Hermione was nearly out of potion ingredients.

With a sigh that bordered on dramatic, she turned on her heel and Apparated to Diagon Alley. Nobody noticed her and she was grateful. No matter how many years it had been since the defeat of Voldemort, people sometimes still came up to her even just to ask her how they had done it. She was always polite but it was tiresome to answer the same questions over and over again.

It was only a short walk from where she had Apparated to get to the Apothecary and she hurried when she saw that Luna was waiting outside. “Luna! Is Ginny here yet?”

“Oh, no, she said that she couldn’t join us. Apparently one of her coworkers is sick and so Ginny was called in to write a very important article. Something like that,” Luna said, smiling and waving her hand as if the information was of no real importance.

Hermione nodded, looking into the window of the shop and chewing on her lower lip, carefully avoiding Luna’s eyes. She had this problem that made her want to turn around and run. It was a problem that she didn’t like admitting even to herself. Whenever her and Luna were alone, or really, without anybody that they knew around them, Hermione had the strongest urge to kiss Luna. She had already rationalized it in her mind. Luna wore this pink lipstick, always, and it made her lips look like bubble gum. Hermione had decided that she just wanted to know what the lipstick tasted like. That was all.

“Hermione? Are you alright?” Luna asked, sounding concerned and Hermione shook herself.

“Of course. Just thinking about how much I have to buy,” Hermione responded, determined not to think about Luna’s lips. They were just average, ordinary lips. There was nothing special about them, Hermione knew, and she had to stop this. Luna nodded. It didn’t look like she believed Hermione but as long as she didn’t press the subject, Hermione was okay with that. They walked into the shop in silence. Hermione didn’t like the silence. It made her think. Even though she wasn’t looking at Luna it was as if she could sense Luna’s presence. She could feel Luna standing next to her.

I love Ron, Hermione repeated to herself over and over again. It was the truth, of course. Ron was her entire life. She had been in love with him since she was 15 years old. Even that thought didn’t make the intense desire to kiss Luna go away. Hermione sniffed as they walked into the building, wrinkling her nose. Luna glanced over at her. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Of course,” Hermione said again, her voice a tad higher than normal and she took a deep breath. She shook herself, ignoring the fact that Luna was looking at her oddly and starting to gather the ingredients that she needed. She didn’t know what it is about Luna. Perhaps it was the fact that Luna was so unlike anything she’d ever known before. It was curiosity. Simple as that. It had to be.

“Are you and Ron having problems perhaps?” Luna asked, hovering around Hermione. She didn’t have any shopping to do, Hermione knew. She only came along with her and Ginny because she liked spending time with them. They all generally went out to lunch and talked.

Hermione shook her head immediately. It wasn’t a lie. “Me and Ron are good, great. It was strange sending the children back to school but it’s nice to have some peace and quiet again,” she said. Her voice broke in the middle and she cleared her throat. She felt so off. She had avoided being alone with Luna for nearly a year. She didn’t like being alone with Luna. She didn’t know how to handle it.

Luna nodded and she seemed to get the hint. Hermione watched as she headed towards the back of the store and Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. This was ridiculous. She was a grown woman for goodness sakes. There was no reason to- “What do you think of this?” Luna asked, holding up a bottle. She quickly moved her finger when she realized it was over the label and Hermione was able to read it. Insta-lips! For when you need that extra push in your lips. “I have a date on Saturday and Ginny was going to help me come up with something. Would you mind helping?”

No! No, I can’t help you come up with a date because the thought of somebody else kissing your lips is not fair. I want to kiss them. The thought swept through Hermione’s mind before she could stop it and Hermione nearly slapped her forehead. They were bad thoughts. They were ridiculous thoughts. What was she? Back to being a schoolgirl who would conjure a flock of birds when she saw her crush snogging somebody else? She was above that. “Of course, Luna. Although, I wouldn’t recommend that.”

Luna looked back at the bottle. “You’re right. I don’t want to seem like I’m trying too hard. After we’re here, we could stop by Madam Malkin’s or perhaps Twilfit and Tatting’s although Twilfit seems that it would be trying too hard. What do you think?”

“Well, I’m not exactly the best person to ask. I’ve never been with anybody but Ron,” Hermione said, keeping her mind focused on ingredients as she weighed and bagged them carefully.

“How do you know he’s the one then?”

Accidentally dropping bat eyes across the floor, Hermione turned to her and groaned, waving her wand to pull the ingredients into her bag. “Pardon?”

Luna shrugged, leaning against a table and jumping when it started moving, standing up straight. “Well how do you know he’s the one if you’ve never been with anybody else? How do you know that what you’re feeling is love? How do you know that somebody else wouldn’t be better for you?”

Hermione opened and then closed her mouth, thinking about the question. The truth was that she couldn’t answer it. It was something she had thought of before, briefly, but she had always figured that her and Ron were meant to be together. They had great companionship, they enjoyed each other’s company, they argued but they always made up. Her and Ron had everything she had ever thought she would have in a relationship.

There was that tiny doubt that nagged at her, the same voice that told her to just taste Luna’s lips already. It was a voice that asked how she knew, why she was so certain that she wanted to be with Ron. “I… just know, alright?” Hermione said and she didn’t like how defensive she sounded.

Sweeping past Luna, Hermione made her way up to the counter, paying for her ingredients quickly and put the bag carefully into her purse so that it wouldn’t come open. Luna didn’t respond, a small smile playing on her lips as they headed to Madam Malkin’s. Hermione sat in a chair, watching as Luna was outfitted with different outfits, telling her which ones were too crazy and nodding when she saw outfits that she liked.

“So we’ve decided on this one?” Luna asked, swirling in the icy blue dress. It was perfect for any occasion, short enough so that it wasn’t overly formal but not too casual just in case.

Hermione’s mouth was dry and she licked her lips as she looked up at Luna. “Y-Yes, that looks really fabulous,” she murmured. Luna smiled sweetly and the light glinted across her lips. Hermione could see the hint of cleavage that showed above the dress and she looked away, not needing to see any more.

“Good. I’ll get this one then,” Luna told the assistant. She changed back into her regular robes and slid her arm through Hermione’s, carrying her bag in her hand. “Shall we get lunch?”

It was all Hermione could do to keep from yelling. “No thank you. I really have to get home.” Hermione wasn’t sure how she was still standing there and not pushing Luna up against the nearest storefront and kissing her until all the lipstick was wiped off her lips. The thought made Hermione nearly groan and she closed her eyes for a minute, trying to compose herself.

Luna nodded and she looked upset for a moment before she smiled cheerfully again. “Alright. You know, Hermione, if you… doubt whether Ron is the right person, you could always try kissing somebody… See how that feels.”

Hermione’s head jerked up as she looked at her. She shouldn’t. She couldn’t. She looked around and she did it, leaning forward. The first thing that she noticed was that Luna’s lips did not taste like bubble gum. They tasted sweet like sugar and in that first second, Hermione knew that she never wanted to stop kissing Luna. She pulled back rather reluctantly after a moment, clearing her throat. Luna looked a bit dazed. “I… thank you for the offer, Luna,” Hermione said, trying to sound more proper than she felt. “I will… might take you up on that again.”

“I welcome it,” Luna said softly after just a moment.

Clearing her throat again, Hermione turned on her heel, leaving Luna standing there. As she appeared in her home she knew that she would be taking Luna up on that offer. Soon and, most likely, over and over again.
Tags: *fic, 2012 fest, pairing: luna/hermione, rating: pg
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