gamma_x_orionis (gamma_x_orionis) wrote in luna_romance,

Art: Topping from the Bottom (Luna/??)

Title: Topping from the bottom
Artist: ???
Prompt: Prompt: Just because Luna looks innocent doesn't mean that she is. She knows what she likes when it comes to sex. // Pairing: Luna/any // Additional notes/ideas: Smut of any sort...
Pairing(s): up to interpretation! Luna/any. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone, but I actually thought it was more interesting to leave it like that.
Medium: digital
Rating: NC -17 for nudity and language
Warnings/Content: BDSM, dirty talk, all consensual but do heed those warnings, please.
Summary: Luna knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask. Behold a graphic detailed account on that matter.
Disclaimer: I don't own Luna, unfortunately (see what I did there?! erm). JKR does. I'm just having fun drawing her characters and making them say naughty things.

Tags: *art, 2012 fest, pairing: luna/unknown, rating: nc-17
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